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Welcome to SPECS Vision Care, where clarity meets comfort. Proudly affiliated with the esteemed Vision Source network, our mission is to ensure every patient experiences clear and comfortable vision through top-tier eyewear and comprehensive ocular care.

At our practice, we go beyond just fitting glasses; we specialize in enhancing your vision with precision. Whether it's selecting the perfect frames or prescribing advanced contact lenses, our range of services caters to diverse needs. From routine ocular health examinations to specialized treatments like LASIK and cataract co-management, we're committed to optimizing your visual wellness at every step.

Equipped with an in-house lab, we offer the convenience of same-day prescription fulfillment, ensuring you never have to wait long for crystal-clear vision. Our dedicated team of highly trained opticians prioritizes your satisfaction, providing personalized attention to address your unique requirements.

Led by board-certified optometrists, Dr. Jessica Duong and Dr. Nicole Ha, our practice stays at the forefront of eye care technology. With a commitment to ongoing education and the latest advancements, rest assured you're receiving the highest standard of care tailored to your individual needs.

Discover a vision care experience that prioritizes your clarity, comfort, and overall well-being. Visit us today and see the world through a new lens of exceptional eye care.

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